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Free 1.5 Clock Hour Training For K-5 Teachers


...with limited time and materials


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Get access to free science resources for attending the training!

Reading Passage

Download a reading passage with science topics to easily incorporate into your ELA block.

Interactive Notes

Provide your students with colorful, engaging note-taking pages to help them retain what they've learned. Notes vary by grade level

Engaging Activity

Get a simple lab, engineering challenge, or discovery activity that can be completed in 30 minutes with household items.

What You'll Learn

3 simple steps to teaching science lessons with high engagement and retention

Why more expensive materials do not = better lessons

 (Household items are all you need!)

How to make units feel more cohesive and flow better

Frequently Asked Questions


April Smith

began my teaching career in 2008, working primarily in Title I schools. Poor attendance was a frequent issue for my students, so I poured my energy into creating learning activities that were relevant, rooted in real life, and made them want to come to school.

In 2015, I was thrilled when I was awarded county Intermediate Teacher of the Year.  I also realized that I was onto something with my engagement-focused approach, and I began forming even more ideas about how I could help fellow teachers engage their students.

I currently work with over 150 districts and 9,000 individual teachers, providing them with lessons that increase student success and coaching them on research-based strategies. I am excited to learn more about your needs and to help support you in meeting your instructional goals.